Kian Bergstrom

A Short Personal Canon

111 utterly essential films, restricted to one entry per director. Some of these are astoundingly great, others only middling great (They are all unambiguously great). Each of these films transformed and enhanced my appreciation of the capacities of cinema in some sense. For some directors (Hawks, Ford, Warhol, and others) it was nearly impossible to choose a single title; many others of their films could easily be swapped into the list in another iteration. For some other directors (Ed Wood, Shirley Clarke, Farocki among them), choosing a single title was very easy, either because one film towers above all their others for me, or because I don’t know their careers well enough to judge their other works.

In every way, this list reflects both my biases and my prejudices, my areas of special interest and my vast gaps in familiarity.

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blogmother said...

I am surprised by _Eyes Wide Shut_ as your essential Kubrick.