Laurence Boyce

Laurence Boyce is an award winning film journalist who has written for the likes of Hotdog, Little White Lies, Netribution and Film And Festivals Magazine. He is a member of FIPRESCI (the International Federation of Film Critics) and, when not writing, is also a programmer and curator. He is currently the director of GLIMMER: The Hull International Short Film Festival.

When compiling a list of this nature, it’s always difficult to know how to approach it. Should it be a list of films that are technically brilliant and universally praised? Or should it be the films that I love for a myriad of reasons, even if they’re bit considered ‘brilliant’. I’ve gone for the latter, meaning that it’s an eclectic selection. It includes short films and probably the only time that El Topo and The Goonies (I film that I grew up with and will have defiant arguments with anyone who dares to suggest it’s not very good) will ever appear together in the same selection. Well, unless you come to a film screening at my house….

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