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  1. Lolita (1962) .. Stanley Kubrick
    Sharp, witty, unsettling. Unbelievable performances. A provocation by a director like no other

  2. A Place in the Sun (1951) .. George Stevens
    A study in chemistry. Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift are out of this world and George Stevens presents them to us in an unforgettable way.

  3. Odd Man Out (1947) .. Carol Reed
    Tense. The atmosphere is at times breathtaking. James Mason is superb. Carol Reed at his best.

  4. If.... (1968) .. Lindsay Anderson
    A powerful portrait, so powerful, it became a type in my mind although Malcolm McDowell creates something unique. Lindsay Anderson rules!

  5. The Tenant (1976) .. Roman Polanski
    The masochist side to my personality's favorite film. Unbearable sometimes, Unbreathable. Exquisite. 100% Polanski

  6. The Age of Innocence (1993) .. Martin Scorsese
    Martin Scorsese sharing his New York with Edith Wharton. Sublime.

  7. O Lucky Man! (1973) .. Lindsay Anderson
    Anderson and McDowell together again. A slap, a kiss, an insult, a poem.

  8. Plein Soleil (1960) .. René Clément
    Rene Clement brilliantly directs Alain Delon as an amoral, brutal con man. Stunning to look at.

  9. Ed Wood (1994) .. Tim Burton
    The Tim Burton I love. Johnny Depp at his best.

  10. The King of Comedy (1982) .. Martin Scorsese
    Acid, furious and very funny. Scorsese and De Niro in superb form and a Jerry Lewis to write home about.

  11. The Passionate Thief (1960) .. Mario Monicelli
    A Mario Monnicelli gem with a blonde Anna Magnani, Toto and Ben Gazzara. One of my favorite buried treasures.

  12. Body Heat (1981) .. Lawrence Kasdan
    Modern day look at Double Indemnity. Lawrence Kasdan, William Hurt, Kathleen Turner and composer John Barry concoct a steamy delight

  13. The Sound of Music (1965) .. Robert Wise
    Still unbeatable.

  14. Apartment Zero (1988) .. Martin Donovan
    Superb performances in a torturous and funny game of intrigue and sexual repression. A gem for film lovers.

  15. Darling (1965) .. John Schlesinger
    Julie Christie is kind of a goddess here. Schlesinger's documentary eye transforms this trend setter into a X ray of its day

  16. Munich (2005) .. Steven Spielberg
    Spielberg has made some extraordinary films but this recent opus has found a place in my subconscious.

  17. Day for Night (1973) .. François Truffaut
    I love Truffaut but this valentine to his profession is the one of his films that I've seen more times than all the others.

  18. Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) .. John Schlesinger
    Schelesinger at his most introspective. Another brilliant document with a beating heart.

  19. King of Hearts (1966) .. Philippe de Broca
    A war time fairy tale told in ways that stayed with me always

  20. Brokeback Mountain (2005) .. Ang Lee
    A film that breathes and startles. Every frame a whole story

  21. Lacombe Lucien (1974) .. Louis Malle
    Innocence and cruelty in perfect harmony. Shattering.

  22. Stella Dallas (1937) .. King Vidor
    The mother of all soap operas with a sensational Stanwyck

  23. Marnie (1964) .. Alfred Hitchcock
    A scrumptious screenplay by Jay Presson Allen allows Hitchcock and Herrman to have their last great collaboration.

  24. Bellissima (1951) .. Luchino Visconti
    Visconti directs Anna Magnani in this extraordinary and prophetic tale about celebrity.

  25. Two Weeks in Another Town (1962) .. Vincente Minnelli
    Vincente Minnelli in Rome invading Fellini territory

  26. The Nun's Story (1959) .. Fred Zinnemann
    Fred Zinnemann directs Audrey Hepburn in a film of rigorous detail.

  27. Star 80 (1983) .. Bob Fosse
    Bob Fosse directs this shattering work of art with a remarkable Eric Roberts

  28. The Goddess (1958) .. John Cromwell
    With a budget of 5.000$ in 1958, John Cromwell and Paddy Chaefsky introduced the extraordinary talents of Kim Stanley to the world of cinema

  29. Reflections in a Golden Eye (1967) .. John Huston
    John Huston takes Carson McCuller's universe and throws it at us like olny a great master can. Marlon Brando gives a fearless performance.

  30. Shoeshine (1946) .. Vittorio De Sica
    A De Sica that defines itself by the depth of its simplicity.

  31. Divorce - Italian Style (1961) .. Pietro Germi
    Pietro Germi directs Marcello Mastroianni in an irresistible comment on Italian society.

  32. Shadow of a Doubt (1943) .. Alfred Hitchcock
    A sensational screenplay gives this Hitchcock suspenser an "Our Town" kind of feel.

  33. Rachel, Rachel (1968) .. Paul Newman
    A superlative Joanne Woodward directed by Paul Newman. A match made in acting heaven.

  34. Breakfast on Pluto (2005) .. Neil Jordan
    A first. Neil Jordan and the amazing Cillian Murphy give us a story of a marginal character who refuses to be a victim.

  35. The Day of the Locust (1975) .. John Schlesinger
    Nathaniel West via John Schlesinger. One of the most vividly infernal endings of all time.

  36. Marriage - Italian Style (1964) .. Vittorio De Sica
    From a famous Eduardo de Filippo play a wonderful De Sica film with a vintage Sophia Loren.

  37. The Women (1939) .. George Cukor
    Cat fights and a priceless document of it's day. Hilarious. Impossible to update.

  38. The Night of the Iguana (1964) .. John Huston
    Tennessee Williams via John Huston. A sensational Richard Burton.

  39. Ben-Hur (1959) .. William Wyler
    From the director of "Jezabel" and "The Heiress" a spectacular spectacular.

  40. A Cry in the Dark (1988) .. Fred Schepisi
    A true story told with mastery and the incredible face of Meryl Streep

  41. Z (1969) .. Costa-Gavras
    Costa Gavras and a breathtaking true political thriller

  42. The Party (1968) .. Blake Edwards
    Peter Sellers is glorious in this Blake Edwards comedy that owns a great deal to Jacques Tati.

  43. King of the Hill (1993) .. Steven Soderbergh
    Steven Soderbergh gives us a coming of age story during the depression. Stunning.

  44. Elephant (2003) .. Gus Van Sant
    Gus Van Sant gives the horrors of Columbine a lyrical and profoundly human slant.

  45. Missing (1982) .. Costa-Gavras
    Costa Gavras tells a true political horror story with American faces as the victims. Brilliant.

  46. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) .. Robert Aldrich
    Sordid, squalid and lots of fun.

  47. To Die For (1995) .. Gus Van Sant
    Van Sant directs Nicole Kidman and a great actress was announced.

  48. State of Wonder (1984) .. Martin Donovan
    An allegory about peace with the look and feel of a naive painting.

  49. Julia (1977) .. Fred Zinnemann
    A story of loss and friendship in a tale dreamed by Lillian Hellman

  50. State of Siege (1972) .. Costa-Gavras
    Costa Gavras and Yves Montand together again opening our eyes to a little known horror story.

  51. Underground (1995) .. Emir Kusturica
    Emir Kusturica's landscape has an unmistakable human feel

  52. The Damned (1969) .. Luchino Visconti
    Visconti's look at the powerful in Nazi Germany

  53. Remember the Night (1940) .. Mitchell Leisen
    Stanwyck and McMurray miles
  54. Capote (2005) .. Bennett Miller
    Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote seals the deal

  55. Men Don't Leave (1990) .. Paul Brickman
    Almost forgotten but not by me.

  56. Women in Love (1969) .. Ken Russell
    Ken Russell and DH Lawrence a mismatch made in film heaven

  57. Six Degrees of Separation (1993) .. Fred Schepisi
    Fred Schepisi takes John Guare's play and gives it a whole new energy. Wonderful performances.

  58. The Bitter Tea General Yen (1933) .. Frank Capra
    A sort of Last Tango by Frank Capra.

  59. Genevieve (1953) .. Henry Cornelius
    A British comedy with an explosive Kay Kendall

  60. Humoresque (1946) .. Jean Negulesco
    Joan Crawford with glasses delivering Clifford Odetts dialogue plus John Garfield.

  61. Judgment at Nuremberg (1961) .. Stanley Kramer
    Gripping in truly entertaining fashion. Seven glorious minutes by Montgomery Clift.

  62. East of Eden (1955) .. Elia Kazan
    James Dean bursts into the scene

  63. Ship of Fools (1965) .. Stanley Kramer
    It contains some extraordinary moments by Simone Signoret and Oskar Werner, Vivien Leigh and Lee Marvin

  64. Gaslight (1944) .. George Cukor
    Ingrid Bergman in jeopardy, Charles Boyer as the villain and Angela Lansbury at 19 years of age earning her first Oscar nomination.

  65. History Is Made at Night (1937) .. Frank Borzage
    Jean Arthur and Charles Boyer are the personification of chemistry

  66. Love Affair (1939) .. Leo McCarey
    Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne are unbeatable

  67. Adorable Julia (1962) .. Alfred Weidenmann
    The best version of W Somerset Maughn story with a priceless Lilli Palmer

  68. Boccaccio '70 (1962) .. Vittorio De Sica, Federico Fellini, Mario Monicelli, & Luchino Visconti
    Memorable mostly for Visconti's episode with a stunning Romy Schnaider.

  69. The 39 Steps (1935) .. Alfred Hitchcock
    Hitch's version of this often film tale has his vision and Robert Donat

  70. Dinner at Eight (1933) .. George Cukor
    George Cukor's mastery keeps this old ship sailing smoothly plus Jean Harlow and Marie Dressler

  71. Witness for the Prosecution (1957) .. Billy Wilder
    Charles Laughton does amazing things with this Agatha Christie whoduunit with Billy Wilderat the helm

  72. Gambit (1966) .. Ronald Neame
    A truly original comedy with a fantastic Shirley MacLaine

  73. Mary Reilly (1996) .. Stephen Frears
    An inedit Julia Roberts and one of her best performances

  74. The Visit (1964) .. Bernhard Wicki
    Ingrid Bergman as a vindictive dangerous millionaire.

  75. Death Becomes Her (1992) .. Robert Zemeckis
    A surprisingly witty screenplay and a hilarious Meryl Streep

  76. The Servant (1963) .. Joseph Losey
    Dirk Bogarde at his best

  77. The Piano Teacher (2001) .. Michael Haneke
    Michael Haneke shocking mind and a superlative Isabelle Huppert.

  78. Les Chansons d'Amour (2007) .. Christophe Honoré
    Louis Garrel in a different love story with music. Sublime

  79. Plenty (1985) .. Fred Schepisi
    The torturous intellect of David Hare and the artistic honesty of Meryl Streep makes this a gourmet dish of the first order. The great Fred Schepisi directs.

  80. Priest (1994) .. Antonia Bird
    Linus Roach powerfully creates a character never seen before on the screen

  81. Mamma Roma (1962) .. Pier Paolo Pasolini
    Anna Magnani as a roman prostitute directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini.

  82. Stolen Children (1992) .. Gianni Amelio
    Gianni Amelio's profoundly moving story of a policeman's dilemma.

  83. The Ladykillers (1955) .. Alexander Mackendrick
    Alexander Mackendrick's dark fairy tale could (or should) never be remade.

  84. The Misfits (1961) .. John Huston
    John Huston's funereal but riveting tale with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable in their last film and Monty Clift giving another wonderful performance

  85. People Will Talk (1951) .. Joseph L. Mankiewicz
    Cary Grant directed by Joseph L Manckiewicz. An oddity that shouldn't be missed.

  86. The Music Lovers (1970) .. Ken Russell
    The bizarre casting of Richard Chamberlain as the tragic Tchaikowsky pays off beautifully in this disturbing but magic Ken Russell film.

  87. Cronaca Familiare (1962) .. Valerio Zurlini
    Stunning performances by Marcello Mastroianni and Jaques Perrin are the icing on the cake of this beautiful Zurlini film.

  88. JFK (1991) .. Oliver Stone
    Oliver Stone's account of President Kennedy's assassination is a glorious puzzle of cinematic brilliance.

  89. Midnight Run (1988) .. Martin Brest
    Martin Brest human comedy is enormously entertaining with a fresh and renewed Robert De Niro.

  90. My Geisha (1962) .. Jack Cardiff
    Jack Cardiff directed this dramatic comedy with a priceless Shirley MacLaine

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