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One hundred films, all of them high quality, and grouped into eight categories, to highlight the reason for their inclusion. Most of these films could easily fit in more than one category. But each film is listed only once. Sequencing within each category is random.

Oldies But Goodies: pre-1960s that never seem to show up on official "best" lists.

Newbies But Goodies: post-1990s produced with relatively little fanfare.

Films To Chew On: thought-provoking, deep, existential, thematically dense, daring, controversial, or just plain weird.

That's Entertainment: no heavy-duty messages here, just high quality fluff.

Below The Radar: fewer than a thousand votes at IMDb.

A Feast For The Eyes: films with stunning visuals.

Thespian Art: terrific acting performances.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: true-life, or semi-true life stories.

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