Lawrence Jose Sinclair

Here's my Beyond the Canon list, in alphabetical order. Were I to do a top list of films that are most surprising to not usually be included they would be: Babe, Requiem for a Dream, Field of Dreams, Big Fish, Hannah and Her Sisters, Parenthood, Hope and Glory, Jean de Florette/Manon de Sources, Wall-E, Salaam Bombay!, Open Range, Shakespeare in Love...

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José Sinclair said...

I just saw WAR PHOTOGRAPHER, by Christian Frei (2001), a documentary about still photographer James Nachtway, which I would now include on this list (replacing Election)..

It's a gut-wrenching look at what most in the west would like to ignore: global tragedies to which we seem indifferent, such as Rwanda, Kosovo, Palestine, and Indonesian poverty among the working class..

Good job on these lists!! - Jose