John Krieger

My personal list of film masterpieces currently has over 500 titles, which is an impossibly large number to include here, even if I delete those that have already appeared on the essentials list. I did look at my very best list of about 80 titles, and took out those that had already made the essentials list. Out of the hundreds remaining, I decided to add "Herod's Law". Even though it has got some notice, nobody mentions it whenever a list of best films is called for and I think it was the best film of the 1990s and the last great film that I have seen. Another film, "I, the Executioner" is unavailable outside of Japan as far as I know and I would like to call attention to it as it is so rare. It is surprising that a film as suspenseful (and brutal) as "Psycho" and "Peeping Tom" and just as brilliant should still be languishing in obscurity. Maybe a mention here will spark someone's interest in getting a video release

Most underrated films

Plus (not quite on the same level, but very little known, so I will include them.)

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