Kevyn Knox

Kevyn Knox is a film historian and critic. His reviews can be read at The Cinematheque. He is a regular contributor to Film International, MovieZeal, Plume-Noire, Gone Cinema Poaching and The Vigilant Monkey and is the regular film columnist for a local alternative monthly called The Burg. He is also the cinema director of Midtown Cinema in his hometown of Harrisburg, PA, and has sat on the jury of the Harrisburg Film Festival every year since 2004. He is currently working on his first book, tentatively titled, Wild Bill: The Life, Times & Films of William A. Wellman.

My goal here is to choose 100 directors (both well known and obscure alike) and pick one (and one only) of their lesser known and/or oft-maligned but definitely worthwhile films. These are not necessarily the best films by each of these directors (though sometimes they are) but instead, per this project, those under-appreciated works that get left in the proverbial cracks by the more established canonical films. I am sure, in my haste to compile this list (anything shy of a lifetime would be too short a period to put a list such as this together) I have left some worthy films/directors on the proverbial cutting room floor, and for that I apologize to them.

Films are in alphabetical order by director.

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