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An Introduction More Random Than The List

This was a difficult request since I’m not sure what “film history” means--whose film history? And if you’re referring to some consensus, whose consensus? With the availability of films and the outlets for opinions having reached some unmanageable level, it’s a rare film that hasn’t been praised by someone, somewhere, in print and for the consumption of others…

And asking that the selected film mean “more” to me than the “established, well-exposed classics” you’ve understandably prohibited, requires some division of passion that I can’t quite muster…

I can’t imagine how one could compose a list along these lines that isn’t somewhat chaotic without imposing some rules and strictures that aren’t inherent in the instructions.  But I think that if you’re invited to play the game you should play by the rules as best as you figure them out…So I tried to limit myself to films that were relatively undervalued. Having taken that approach this could easily be a thousand film list…

There’s a preponderance here of American genre exercises. I know that.

The perhaps unintentional response to lists like this isn’t “What a fine fellow, to have such admirable taste” but rather “I can’t believe he likes that piece of crap.”

So in the hopes of inspiring some lively disbelief, I offer this list: (the prerequisites: I saw the film. It held my interest more than many other films. In some often uncomplicated way, I enjoyed it, more than many other films. And, finally, I remembered it when I was doing this off-the-cuff list).

Alphabetical By Director:

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